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iOS 9.2 Jailbreak

SJB online script (Semi Jailbreak) - Tap this link to start the iOS 9.2 Semi jailbreak process. This is the official link of SJB. You can install the eight Jailbreak App stores (with Cydia) using this

3K Assistant Jailbreak -  3K Assistant is the main TaiG partner. This is not a Jailbreak alternative method. This is upcoming full untethered jailbreak solution, Read more info (below)

TaiG9 (beta) Jailbreak - We believe this will be the best option to Jailbreak your iOS 9.2 version. However, All Cydia functions are still not working TaiG9 Jailbreak

Semi Jailbreak (SJB tool)  for iOS 9.2

This is a super easy process. Anybody can do this without any technical knowledge. It only takes 1-2 minutes to complete. This doesn't void Apple warranty, you can easily remove the SemiJB from your device. You can find the remove link on the app.

However, We don't recommend the SJB if you are iOS 9.0.2 or below user. You can get all the Jailbreak functions with Pangu or TaiG Jailbreak. Otherwise SJB is the best solution.

Step by step guide to SJB

Please follow this step by step guide only for iOS 9.2. This is a online process and you do not want to download any Windows or Mac tool for this.
Step 1 - Open the Safari browser of your device and Search the "iOS 9.2 Jailbreak" keyword to visit our mobile web page. We have given a link to the SJB online script.
Otherwise, Type the following link correctly.
Step 2 - Tap the "jailbreak Now" button. Then tap the agree button (as this figure) to start the jailbreak process
Step 3 - You must wait few seconds. It starts the Jailbreak process. Don't tap the back button of your device.

Step 4 - After the process it automatically redirects to App installation menu. Please wait 3-5 seconds. You must install the "semi Jailbreak" app manager after the process.

Step 5 - OK, Now you can download the Cydia and other App Stores to your device using SJB App manager.
9.2 Semi

Refer more resources about the Semi Jailbreak process

FAQ about the Semi Jailbreak process for iOS 9.2
You can read the frequently asked questions about the Semi jailbreak.  Just visit the SemiJB 9.2 FAQ page from the above link. These FAQs are only for iOS 9.2 version. You can ask questions about the SemiJB using comment section of this page.
Reviews of SemiJB process and apps for iOS 9.2

3K Jailbreak

3K is a very popular iOS application hacking team. They had an agreement with TaiG team. TaiG always promoted their 3K Assistant application manager (for cracked iOS apps) with their previous TaiG jailbreak tools. 3K Assistant tool is only worthwhile for Chinese users. It will not be important to you if you cannot read the Mandarin language.
However this time 3K team could find the fully functional Jailbreak for iOS 9.2 for the 1st time.
3K team announced about this exploit of their official Weibo page. All Chinese Jailbreak developers are using Weibo instead the twitter.

English translate of this weibo (tweet)

iOS 9.2 3K Jailbreak notice
Apple released the iOS 9.2 version for public before eight days. At this time we are also working hard to find the jailbreak for it. Finally, we succeeded. We could exploit the iOS 9.2  after 8 days of hard work.

This is not perfect yet. We believe that we can correct all the problems. All jailbreak fans can feel the iOS 9.2 full jailbreak  in near future. Please wait patiently.

Jailbreak tool will release for iOS 9.2 soon.

We are always updating this page with information of 3K Jailbreak. We kindly ask you to bookmark this page for
further information & direct free download link of 3K Jailbreak.
Last update -

3k Jailbreak is also compatible with iOS 9.1 also.
Why should you believe this news?
However, still couldn't contact the 3k team to get the official information.

We have removed the step-by-step guide and process of LinXi iOS 9.2 Jailbreak. It seems that LinXi JB has copied the SemiJB process. Both alternatives are completely same. You can still review the LinXi process if you have already used it.

TaiG 9 Jailbreak

TaiG 9 tool has been specially developed for the iOS 9.2 beta versions. You must visit TaiG 9 website for this.

However, This is a beta tool. Developers will release the original/full functional jailbreak tool soon for public. You can install the Cydia using this tool. Still You can't use many Jailbreak functions of this Cydia app. Still we have to consider this tool is a Jailbreak alternative.

TaiG 9 is an online script based jailbreaking method. You don't want to download any Windows or Mac tool for the TaiG 9.2 Jailbreak

iOS 9.2 beta Jailbreaking guide for TaiG 9 tool

This is the beta version of Jailbreak process, You can report errors and send feedbacks to the developers to launch a better product for iOS 9.2 public version. However, there is no donation option for iOS 9.2 jailbreak at this time.

Pangu Untethered Jailbreak

Rumors said that Pangu 9 untethered jailbreak will be released to Jailbreak iOS 9.2 on 2015 . 12 . 12. Reddit and many other websites have published this news as the "Pangu iOS 9.2 Jailbreak release date"

This was a fake rumor. Pangu 9 Jailbreak was not released on Dec. 12th. However, Team is working to exploit iOS 9.2. We can expect that full untethered tool will be released before the end of this month. However, we cannot guarantee.

We kindly recommend you to bookmark this page for more information about the Pangu 9  untethered jailbreak tool.
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TaiG 8.4

Pangu 9.3

Pangu 8.4

PPJailbreak iOS9
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ih8sn0w jailbreak

SemiJB tool is now available for iOS 9.2 with more functions. It has been updated with eight Jailbreak App Stores (including the Cydia) and you can install thousands of apps using these app stores. SJB is not the full functional jailbreaking method as the Pangu or TaiG. This is the most popular jailbreak alternative method of the world at this time.  You cannot install some iOS system-related apps and system tweaks with the SJB.
Finally 3k team cloud find the fully functional Jailbreak for iOS 9.2. Other all methods are Jailbreak alternative methods. Still anybody couldn't release the full functional Jailbreak for iOS 9.2
3k developers haven't officially released the Jailbreak tool or evidence of iOS 9.2 exploitation. You cannot download the 3K Assistant jailbreak tool anywhere at this time. Therefore, don't do online surveys or don't pay anybody to download this jailbreak tool. We kindly ask you to bookmark this page to download the tool for free when it is available for public.
Everyday many people/developers are announcing that they have released the full functional Jailbreak for iOS 9.2 or they are very close to release the Jailbreak for iOS 9.2. If they don't have any evidence, or they haven't done any iOS hacking related work before, most of time, they only have best video editing skills.
We could only find the SemiJB and TaiG9 as the reasonable jailbreak alternatives to install the Cydia. We still couldn't find the full functional Jailbreak from any team. But It was different at this time. 3K Assistant is the most popular Chinese pirate app store. They have cracked about 100,000 app versions. They have massive experiences with iOS hacking. They have also worked with TaiG team.
3K team has millions of loyal users. They never lie to these million of Chinese users. They really don't want to destroy their brand name just lying to their weibo followers.
Visit the from your iOS device. Currently, this Jailbreak only works with the latest iOS devices such as iPhone 6S, 6, 6S plus, 6 plus, 5 & 5c.  It may work for the latest iPod and iPads also. However, public version of this tool will release for all iOS 9.2 devices.

You must visit the website only from your Safari browser of your iOS 9.2 device. Then tap the blue Jailbreak button. It takes some time for server connectivity. You should get the following message
"server connected successfully. Tap to continue"

If you didn't get this message within 1 minute, Please exit from the browser and start the process again. Then your device will prepare for the Jailbreak process. It can take few seconds. Then you will get this message

"Your iPhone(iPod or iPad) running on iOS 9.2 is ready to Jailbreak"
This will not detect your device if you are still using the iOS 8.4.1 or below version. TaiG 9 online tool is only compatible with iOS 9 - 9.0.2. After the detection of your device & iOS version it will download the required files and data according to your device. Then your Jailbreak process will start. Please wait some time. Don't exit from  the browser during the process. After the process, it will redirect you to Cydia installation menu. You must enter your iOS pass code/security code to install the Cydia app.
There are three Jailbreak/Jailbreak alternative methods are available at this time. We have tested all of these methods and categorized them with all the information. Follow the step by step guides (below) before starting your desired process. Read pros and cons to select a method to jailbreak iOS 9.2.
At this time iOS 9.3.5 is the latest version and some jailbreak methods (below) not fully compatible with iOS 9.3.5 version. Read more about iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak methods.
Pangu / PP jailbreak - Pangu / PP jailbreak tools are support iOS 9.2 jailbreak.