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Zerodium Jailbreak

Zerodium is security research company, and Chaouki Bekrar is Founder of Zerodium. Zerodium security team have global talented and well-experienced researchers and working togeather for release most secure security systems.

zerodium exploit

Zerodium team pays high range prices for the security researchers for new finders. With this prize rewards, the zerodium team encourages global security researchers for launch most advanced security systems. The zerodium team is always hiring most talented and experienced researchers from around the globe and offers boundless opportunities. So qualified and experienced researchers can join with zerodium security research team.

Zerodium jailbreak bounty

Few day's ago zerodium announced $1.5 million for iOS 10 -10.0.2 jailbreak exploit. Again few yers ago zerodium team offered $1 million for iOS 9 jailbreak. According to zerodium bounty rules and regulations iOS jailbreak should be performed by the remote browser-based method.

Zerodium iOS 10 jailbreak

Zerodium team announced $1.5 million bounty for iOS 10 jailbreak or above iOS 10. Initially, iOS 10 jailbreak bounty price was $0.5 and after that zerodium team increased $1 million.
At this time, iOS 10 is most advanced and most secure operation system of the Apple. Along with iOS 10 version, Apple released few major updates. iOS 10.0.2 is the latest update for regular customers and iOS 10.1 is the most recent version for developers and beta testers.
Still, any jailbreak developer could not be able to find proper jailbreak solution for iOS 10 or above versions. So this could be the main reason for iOS 10 jailbreak price increase.
$1.5 million bounty Zerodium
jailbreak developer

Zerodium iOS 9 jailbreak

First time in jailbreak history zerodium security team announced $1 million bounty for iOS 9 jailbreak. Exact 42 days after Zerodium team closed iOS 9 jailbreak bounty competition because one of unknown security researcher claimed iOS 9 jailbreak $1 million bounty.
 iOS 9 jailbreak bounty

Contenders for zerodium iOS 10 jailbreak bounty

Pangu/ PP / TaiG / yaluX are the hot competitors for Zerodium iOS 10 jailbreak bounty. According to Zerodium, iOS 10 jailbreak should be a remote browser-based jailbreak. But Pangu/ PP and TaiG team never perform iOS jailbreak through remotely.

Pangu jailbreak and zerodium bounty

Usually, Pangu jailbreak team never released a browser-based online jailbreak tool and Pangu team only specific for Windows and Mac. According to Pangu, browser based is not a good way to jailbreak because Apple easily can disable browser based jailbreak with Safari update.
Even Pangu jailbreak has a high amount of revenue from user donations. Pangu jailbreak has a partnership with 25PP Chinese app store. Pangu jailbreak main interface has 25PP installations check mark. Once someone installs 25PP app with Pangu jailbreak, 25PP pay money for Pangu.
A few days ago Pangu jailbreak team had a serious issue. Someone posted a thread on Reddit, lost his $50 after use Pangu jailbreak. But Pangu rejected this incident and tweeted we are not stupid to stolen money from our customers. Seems to be he installed pirated tweaks or hacks after jailbroken his phone.
Pangu jailbreak
25PP app with Pangu jailbreak

Luca Todesco and zerodium bounty

Luca Todesco is also known as qwertyoruiopz in the jailbreak community. Luca demonstrated few iOS versions remotely. So Luca's has biggest chance to claim zerodium bounty. But still, luca never shared his jailbreaking methods with jailbreak community. Seems to be luca is working for Apple and finds security holes for Apple and earn money from Apple.
According to Luca's official Twitter account, Luca finds Apple memory corrupted issue and address to Apple. So seems to be Lucas earn money from Apple more than zerodium bounty. This case would be the main reason for Luca's less interest for a zeroduim bug bounty.

Semi jailbreak and Zerodium iOS 10 jailbreak bounty

Semi jailbreak is the most popular online browser based jailbreak at this time. Semi jailbreak team have a great chance to claim Zerodium bounty if they upgrade Semi jailbreak tool as a fully untethered root access jailbreak.
The full function needs Cydia substrate to run the third party applications on jailbroken device. However, Semi jailbreak tool using special web platform to install Cydia without iOS root access. So it is mean Semi jailbreak is not qualified for Zerodium iOS 10 jailbreak bounty.

Zerodium bounty and Apple bounty program

A few days ago Apple introduced new bug bounty program for global security researchers. Now anyone can submit issues directly to Apple and earn money for submissions. Apple is paying huge money for bug finders, and it is more than zerodium bounty prices.
zerodium bounty
Even Apple is hiring global talented jailbreak tool developers to work with Apple. Apple is paying unbelievable salaries for their workers. So jailbreak tool developers can earn money with Apple more than zerodium bug bounty.
jailbreak tool developers

Previous prize offers for Jailbreak exploit

After iOS 7 release, jailbreak teams takes a long time to release jailbreak solution. In this period "Cory Doctorow" organized crowdfunded campaign for iOS 7 jailbreak exploit.
iOS 7 jailbreak is an open source according to crowdfunded campaign jugers. Few month after Evad3rs team released Evasi0n7 jailbreak tool for iOS 7. However, Evad3rs team was illegible to claim crowdfunded campaign because Evasion7 was not an open source. So iOS 7 jailbreak crowdfunded price still available.
iOS 7 release, jailbreak
Pangu iOS 10 JB tool
Go to this page to watch the demonstration video of iOS 10 Jailbreak. This tool is somewhat different from previous Jailbreak tools. You can be able to Jailbreak iOS 10.1 from the Pangu 10 tool.

Zerodium bounty and Apple bounty program

Recently Apple started bug bounty program for the global security researchers. Apple is paying unbelievable prices for bug finders. It is more than zerodium bug bounty.
Qwertyoruiopz yaluX and zerodium bug bounty

Luca Todesco "qwertyoruiopz" has enough chance to claim zerodium bug bounty, but he is not interested zerodium $1.5 million.
Pangu and zerodium bug bounty
Pangu is the main competitor for a zerodium bug bounty. However, Pangu rejects previous zerodium iOS 9 bug bounty. Pangu also not interested zerodium $1.5 million.