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Pangu for iOS 8.4 - Jailbreak iOS 8.4 using Pangu

Pangu is one of the most powerful and leading jailbreaking tool introduced in last few years. In the past few months the trend of using Pangu jailbreak tool by Apple users has been increased. The biggest hope for iOS 8.4 jailbreak is relying on Pangu and already Pangu has given clues of releasing the latest version..

              iOS 8.4 Jailbreak

       PPJailbreak (Latest Version)

       Pangu Mac Version (Latest)

Why Pangu for jailbreaking iOS 8.4

The reason behind the trend of using Pangu to download 8.4 is the fast and reliable way of jailbreaking the iPhone without any harm to the phone. Pangu has taken the leadership among all the other jailbreaking tools with its easeness of using while it can be used even by a novice for Apple devices.

In my opinion, Pangu has attracted its users with the simple and user friendly interface than all other competitors.
pangu 8.4 Jailbreak
Pangu Jailbreak release for iOS 8.4

Is 8.4 already jailbroken?

A really talented guy calling himself 'i0n1c' has already released a video clip showing his iPhone with iOS 8.4 beta 1 as jailbroken. Still the method he used to jailbreak remains as a mystery and jailbreak tool developers are in a competition to find out the secret.

The reason to remain this method as a secret is because i0n1c has not publicly released his jailbreaking method. We can have a big hope for an iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool soon since Apple is unable to close the hole which the jailbreakers have crawled. i0n1c has revealed that the vulnerability was not only included in the latest version but also in earlier versions.

When will be the release?

Apple’s iOS 8.4 release

Apple has gone beyond version 8.3 and has released iOS 8.4 beta 1 and 2. Depending on the feedbacks on those versions iOS 8.4 will be released in the near future. The main modification in iOS 8.4 was done to the music application with some important changes. The latest news says the version 8.4 will be available after June, 2015.

Pangu 8.4 release

As soon as the iOS 8.4 is released, Pangu will present their jailbreaking tool. Pangu team is already working on the tool predicting iOS 8.4 features from its beta versions.

Keep in touch with us to get latest jailbreak updates.

How can I jailbreak my iOS 8.4 running device

In this case, you will have to wait a little and be updated with us. There is still no public release for the iOS 8.4 jailbreak. Pangu team is working really hard on this as well as the other competitors.
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