Velonzy is the latest Jailbreak solution for the most recent iOS versions.

You can install jailbreak apps for iOS 10.3.2 & iOS 10.3.3 using Velonzy. Unfortunately, Velonzy method is not compatible with iOS 11 beta at this time. Read more about iOS 11 Jailbreak.

Velonzy Jailbreak Guide for iOS 10.3.2 & 10.3.3.

Yalu Jailbreak was the latest Jailbreaking tool; It was compatible with iOS 10.X.X, But Apple killed this Jailbreak.

Now Velonzy was the only "Jailbreaking solution for iOS 10.3.2". Velonzy is also compatible with iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak.

Velonzy is a different kind Jailbreaking method. It doesn't access to your iOS system root, or It doesn't " Install the Cydia".

Velonzy Install Jailbreak apps through Cydia Impactor. You must have Windows or Mac computer to use the Velonzy tool.

Step 1. Go to and Register.

Step 2. After the registration process, you must submit your device UDID code on this website.

UDID - UDID is 40 character length code. You can get this code from iTunes.

If you register a Velonzy account from your iOS device, You can use UDID Submitter to submit your UDID code automatically on Velonzy's website.

Step 3. Now you have to download Velonzy Jailbreak app installer according to your Computer (Windows or Mac)

Step 4. Connect your device to the computer. Open iTunes; Now you can find your UDID as the following picture. Just double click "XXXXX" to show your UDID. Then Copy it.

Step 5. Now Go to Velonzy's Jailbreak app page from your computer.

Step 6. OK. Select a Jailbreak app and Click download button. Then paste your UDID. It takes few seconds to sign the app from your UDID. Then the app will download automatically.

Step 7. Drag the app to your desktop.

Step 8. OK, Install it to your computer. Then Click the Cydia Impactor link on the software. Drag & drop the Jailbreak app to the Cydia Impactor.

Step 9. Now enter your Apple ID and password. We recommend creating a new Apple ID for Jailbreak app installation.

Step 10. OK, It installs the Jailbreak app to your device. Enjoy Jailbreak apps with Velonzy.

Note - You must trust the developer for some apps.
Go to Settings ----> General ----> Profile and Device Management, Then you can find your Apple ID as the developer, Just tap the trust button.

iOS 11 Beta install

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iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak

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