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iExtras is popular third-party application manager fills with jailbreak app installers, app stores, Online Jailbreak tools, Jailbreak apps, Jailbreak tweaks, Themes, Games, Wallpapers, Movies and much more.

iExtras is compatible with all the latest iOS versions up to iOS 12.1 including iOS 12.1.1 beta.


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Install iExtras

Step 01 - Visit iExtras website to download iExtras. They will send you the download link through Email.

Step 02 - Open the Email which they have sent, from your device safari browser.

Step 03 - Click on “Install iExtras Membership” ---> Allow ---> Install---> Enter Passcode.

Step 04 - Now it has installed iExtras to your iPhone or iPad.

Device Compatibility

iPhone : iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S

iPad : 12.9-inch iPad Pro,2nd gen,12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st gen,10.5-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 6th gen, iPad 5th gen, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2

iPod : iPod Touch 6G

iOS Versions Compatibility

iOS 12.1.1 beta, iOS 12.1, iOS 12.0.1, iOS 12, iOS 11.4.1, iOS 11.4, iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.2.6, iOS 11.2.5, iOS 11.2.2, iOS 11.2.1, iOS 11.2, iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.1.1, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11

iExtras Exclusives

Web OS for iPhones

Apricot is the world first web-based iOS version. It is compatible with latest iOS versions running iPhone models. Apricot allows you to redesign your device homescreen and changing themes. Virtual jailbreak experience also available with Apricot jailbreak. iExtras offers Apricot for iDevices as follows.

  • Apricot iOS for iPhone X

  • Apricot iOS for Other iPhones

Upcoming iOS versions

Apple gives chance to test upcoming iOS versions for the developers through the Apple developer account. Now, iExtras offers you to test upcoming iOS versions without having developer account. Here are the next beta versions which iExtras offers you.

  • iOS 12.1.1 beta

  • tvOS 12.1.1 beta

  • watchOS 5.1 beta


Jailbreak is the most popular feature in the iExtras. It offers jailbreak app installers, online jailbreak solutions, individual online jailbreak solutions and more.

  • Anzhuang - Anzhuang is the popular online jailbreak app installer. It uses dev code extraction method to install jailbreak apps for latest iOS versions and latest iDevices. iExtras allows to install Anzhuang for iOS 10.2 to iOS 12.1.1 beta versions.

  • Velonzy - Velonzy is a jailbreak app installer up to iOS 11.4.1 versions. It uses UDID registration methods to install jailbreak apps to iPhones and iPads. iExtras allows to install Online based Velonzy jailbreak app installer.

  • Silzee Online JB - Silzee Online JB app is the online jailbreak solution for all the untethered / semi-untethered jailbreak. It allows to install jailbreak IPA without using computer or Cydia impactor tool. Silzee online JB solution is available for iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 11.3.1 including iOS 11.4 beta 3 versions.

  • Unc0ver - Unc0ver Jailbreak released to jailbreak iOS 11 to iOS 11.3.1 including iOS 11.4b3 to jailbreak all the 64-bit devices online.

  • Electra1131 - Electra1131 Online app is for iOS 11.2 to iOS 11.3.1 users, who wish to jailbreak iDevices online.

  • Electra - iOS 11 to iOS 11.1.2 users can use Electra jailbreak online app to jailbreak iDevices online.

  • Houdini - Houdini semi jailbreak method allows to customize iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without installing Cydia. This online app supports to jailbreak iOS 10 to iOS 10.3.2 devices online.

  • Houdini - B2 - Houdini - B2 is a online app to customize OS 11 to iOS 11.1.2 versions with root access. However you cannot install Cydia with Houdini - B2.

  • Houdini - B3 - Houdini- B3 helps to jailbreak iOS 11.2 to iOS 11.3.1 versions without installing Cydia. Customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Houdini beta 3.

  • Yalu - Yalu Online PC free app allows to jailbreak iOS 10 to iOS 10.2 versions. Users can jailbreak all the 64 bit devices except the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with Yalu102.

  • Saigon - Saigon jailbreak allows you to Jailbreak your iOS 10.2.1 devices online. Currently, it is supported only for few 64-bit devices only.

  • H3lix Jailbreak - H3lix is a semi-untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10 running all 32-bit devices.You can directly download H3lix Jailbreak app from iExtras.

  • DoubleH3lix - You can jailbreak all iOS 64-bit devices running iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10 versions using DoubleH3lix. Download DoubleH3lix without PC to your device using iExtras.

  • HomeDepot - iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.3.4 running all 32-bit devices can be jailbreak with HomeDepot. Download HomeDepot Jailbreak app Online.

  • Phoenix - Phoenix Jailbreak let you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad capable of running iOS 9.3.5.

  • Pangu - Download Pangu semi-untethered online jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 - iOS 9.2 versions directly from iExtras.

  • G0blin - iOS 10.3 to iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak are possible with G0blin as Online Jailbreak. All the 64-bit devices are compatible with G0blin.

  • EtasonJB - EtasonJB is a fully untethered jailbreak for all 32-bit devices running iOS 8.4.1 version.

  • Tweak Compatible - Tweak Compatible let you check whether any tweak in Cydia will work on your device. Also, you can check the compatibility of each tweak individually through its website.

Third party app Stores

  • zJailbreak - zJailbreak is a most popular third party app store for latest iOS devices. It includes app installers, Online jailbreak solutions, Themes, Wallpapers, Games & many more.

  • Xabsi - Xabsi is another third-party app store for latest iOS versions. You can install Jailbreak tweaks, third-party app stores, Jailbreak app installers, Games & movie on latest iPhone and iPad as well as it has Online Jailbreak according to iOS versions too.

  • TuTuapp - TUTUApp is a third party app store for latest iOS devices. It fills with Games and Global apps TUTUApp allows you to download and install paid apps for free.

  • AR Apps - AR apps is a collection of Augmented reality supported apps. Augmented reality is a new technology to connect almost all around you. iExtras allows to download AR apps for your latest iOS versions running on iPhones and iPads.

  • Appcentral - AppCentral app store allows to download unlimited apps, Game collection, multiple app installers, tweaked ++ app collection for latest iOS versions on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Panda Helper - Panda helper is a real app store to download paid apps for free. It allows to install ++ apps and hacked games without jailbreak.

  • Appeven - Free tweaked and hacked apps are available to download with AppEven. AppEven apps can be downloaded for iOS 11 iOS 10 and iOS 9 versions on your iPhone and iPads.

  • Cyrus App - Cyrus Installer let you install Cydia Tweaks on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak.

  • ftOS - ftOS provide the notifications of the latest firmware, Jailbreak tweaks & hack games.

  • iPABox - iPABox allows to get some of the hacks, emulators, ++tweaks that allows you to unlock many features.

  • iPA4iOS - iPA4iOS is third-party App installer to download Tweaked ++, Hacked Games, Paid Apps and Cydia apps free.

  • Flekst0re - Download Cydia Apps & Emulators without a jailbreak through FlekStore.

  • FND Store - FND is an allow users to search apps on iTunes app store without iTunes such as music, movies, books, podcasts, and more.

  • Hopy - Hopy consists of tons of action games, free addicting games, puzzle games, sports games, and adventure games.

  • YIV - Play Free Online Games, favorite HTML5 games including kids games, girl games, sports games, puzzle games and more with YIV.

iOS File Managers

  • Cydia - iExtras presented Cydia for all the latest iOS versions. However, iExtras Cydia is limited functional. Normally, Cydia can be installed after the jailbreak process as the default app manager. jailbreak is the way to install Cydia.

  • FilzaJailed - FilzaJailed is an iOS file system explorer app with the full root access to the files without jailbreak. It will allow to Copy, Move/ Delete files in your device, import and Export different file formats like .jpg, .png, .vod, .mp4, etc and many more.

  • OTA Blocker - OTA Blocker will disable OTA updates on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Completely block iOS software updates forever.

  • xCleaner - xCleaner let you wipe out the junk files, temporary files and allow your device with more free space. It cleans your iOS without deleting the essential.

  • Torngat - Torngat allows you to customize your iPhone, iPad. It has features such as change the stock iOS resolution, Stop app revokes, Block OTA firmware updates by disabling the daemon, Tweak the Control Center and reboot option.

  • Sentry Revoke - Sentry Revoke is an effective LiveRevoke alternative. It checks the revoked status of iOS App Installers which is checking the revoked status of all popular installers.

  • Emus4u - Emus4u allows you to download best Cydia Apps & Emulators without a jailbreak. Get access to movie apps, games, emulators and paid content for free with Emus4u installer.

  • Nesstool - Nesstool is a VPN that bypasses Apple’s certificate revokes and keep your apps running on iPhone or iPad.

iPhone Wallpapers

  • Metaw - iDevice Homescreen can customize using Metaw. Metaw is a massive Wallpaper collection.

  • iPhone X Wallpapers - iPhone X Wallpapers is a high resolution wallpaper collection, which you able to customize iPhones homescreen.

iDIY Themes

iDIY is a theme collection for iOS 10 to latest iOS versions. It allows to add themes to latest iPhones or iPads. Install any of following iDIY themes to your jailbroken or non jailbroken devices directly using iExtras.

  • Lite Express

  • Gold BlackBerry

  • Fairy Tail

  • Blue Water

  • Android Blawb

  • Stock Qetto

  • Blue Metal

  • Metalic Supernova

  • Yellow Honey

  • Wood Combination

  • Sharp Eye Theme

  • Sea Waves Theme

  • Red Glossy Theme

  • Red Awesome

  • Orkut Pore Theme

  • Mummy Theme

  • Blue Ash

  • Blue Print

  • Green Lantern

  • Galaxy X Theme

  • Metro Silver HD

  • Metro Blue

  • iLight HD

  • Green Android

  • Wood Fusion

  • Black Gcons

  • Yellow Honeycomb

  • Windows 8

  • Blue Velvet

  • Dreams

  • Hello Kitty

  • Crack Mud

  • Ancient Gate

  • Mirror Theme

  • Magic Wood Man

  • Magic Cold Man

  • Love Angel Theme

  • Funny Devil

  • Floting Grass

  • Behind the Snow

  • Blossom Circle

  • Thug Pets Theme

  • Red Bubble Them

  • Purple Art Theme

  • Metro Theme

  • Hex Star

iPhone Launches

iPhone Launchers are a great way to give your device homescreen an instant upgrade. Here are some iPhone launchers that bring the respectively UI changes.

  • Windows Mobile

  • Man Animator

  • Pop Circle Bubble

  • Golden Rings

  • Blue Eyes

  • Color Wall

  • Highlighter

  • Blue Angel

  • Gray

  • Laughing Man

  • Night Mirror

  • Rotate

  • Moving Clock

  • Notebook

  • Sliper

  • Slizing

  • Spin

  • Sea Waves

  • Orange iPhone6

  • Light Express5

Artificial Reality apps

Augmented reality is software which is integrated digital visual content into the user's real-world environment. Some of the best AR apps available on iExtras has given below.

  • Follow Me Dragon

  • AR Sports Basketball

  • Mancala FS5

  • Zombie Gunship

  • Holo

  • My Country

  • Stack AR

  • Egg.Inc.

  • Magicplan

  • 321 LAUNCH

Google Skins

You can add following custom skins to personalize your Google search browser.

  • Color Dots

  • Color Triangle

  • Color Box

  • 3D Earth

  • Colored Spaces

  • Fire Gclock

  • Glitter

  • Googfire

  • Pentagon

  • Pond

  • Christmas Snow

  • Color Circle

  • GoogCirculator

  • Hang

  • Rain Clouds

  • Space

  • StarSystem

  • Triangle

Facebook Skins (Icons)

Add creative facebook icon/logo for facebook user to enhance their Facebook profile. Following apps exclusive with iExtras.

  • Black Gold

  • Black Shine

  • Gold Shield

  • Dark Gold

  • Light Gold

  • Candy

  • Easter Egg

  • Santa Hat

  • Snow Boot

  • Christmas Bubble

  • Silver

  • Peafowl

  • Black

  • Blue Velvet

Facebook Skins (Themes)

Customize the Facebook theme for a better Facebook experience. iExtras offers many Facebook theme apps as following.

  • Color Fold

  • Christmas Snow

  • Moving FB

  • Blue Bubble

  • Eye

  • FB Slides

  • Blue Wall

  • Face PopUp

  • Blue Sky

  • FB Colors

  • Red Hearts

  • Rainbow

  • Rotate Circle

  • White Diamond

  • Magic Box

  • Solar System

  • Ribbon

  • Sea Waves

  • Fb Dreams

  • iColours

  • Colour Changer

PC Operating systems

You can run PC operations system through your iPhone or iPad. Try any of following app available on iExtras.

  • Ubuntu

  • Webfig

  • Os Js

  • Mac lion

  • Macintosh Os 10.4

  • Macintosh Os 9.2

  • Macintosh Os 8.6

  • Windows Xp-pro

  • Windows Xp

  • Windows Me

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows 98

  • Windows 98-se

  • Windows NT4

  • Windows 95-c

  • Windows 95-a


Here are the most popular emulators available on iExtras.

  • AirShou

  • BobbyMovie

  • Channels

  • CoolPixel

  • EveryCord

  • GBA4iOS

  • GC4iOS

  • Gearboy

  • GearSystem

  • Happy Chick

  • hiMusic

  • Houdini

  • iCleaner

  • iDos

  • iNDS

  • iSSB

  • iTransmission

  • Kahootkiller

  • Kodi

  • Mame4iOS

  • MeSNEmu

  • Movie HD

  • Movie Box

  • NDS4iOS

  • NESemu

  • Nestopia

  • NewGamePad

  • Play!

  • PlayBox HD

  • Plusdede

  • PopcornTime


  • Provenance

  • R-Play

  • RetroArch

  • SlickTv

  • Snes4iOS

  • ToonsNow

  • DinoZambas2

  • Vidiyu


Install following ++ Tweaks with iExtras.

  • Instagram Rocket

  • Youtube Cercube

  • Crunchyroll++

  • Deezer++

  • DzMoha

  • Facebook++

  • InstaBlue

  • InstaColorPicker

  • Instagram++

  • InstaRed

  • Mimo++

  • NBA++

  • NFL++

  • Pandora++

  • SCOthman

  • SnapBlue

  • Snapchat Phantom

  • Snapchat++

  • Snapchat++2

  • SnapFix

  • SnapPink

  • SnapRed

  • SoundCloud++

  • Spotify++

  • Tinder++

  • Twitch++

  • Twitter++

  • UFC++

  • Watusi

  • Watusi Duplicate

  • Whatsapp++

  • Youtube++

Hacked Games

iExtras allows to install following Hacked Games to your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch.

  • Clash of Clans

  • Last Day on Earth

  • Marvel Contest

  • Subway Surfers

  • Pokemon Go Hack

  • 8 Ball Pool

  • Brawl Stars

  • This War of Mine

  • Rage Z hack

  • Pubg Mobile

  • Real Racing 3

  • BikeRacePro

  • Traffic Rider

  • Egg,Inc.Hack

  • Craft Royale

  • Ganstar Rio

  • Hungry Shark World

  • Grand Theft Auto

  • Dungeon Hunter4

  • Snowboard Party2

  • 3Fallen Nation

  • Farming Simulator

  • Infinite Tanks

  • Mini Motor Racing

Popular Games

Here are some popular games available with iExtras.

  • Angry Birds Go

  • 8 Ball Pool

  • Temple Run

  • Bike Race Pro

  • Asphalt 8

  • GTA (san andreas)

  • Pokemon Go++

  • Plague Inc

  • Pen & Paper

  • Spider Man

  • Assassin’s Creed

  • Earm to Die2

  • Hero barrier

  • MC5

  • Bully

  • Minzer Z

  • MC4

  • Baseball 17

  • WWE 2K

  • Sniper

  • Injustice2

  • Bat Man

  • NBA 2K

  • Chameleon Run

  • After the End

  • Bean Dreams

  • Botanicula

  • Leos Fortune

Music Apps

Music lovers can install following Music Apps using iExtras.

  • Music Play

  • Music Apps

  • Musifly

  • eSound Music

  • Stream Hub

  • Katrina Music

  • Documents

  • Trebel Music


  • Fm Music Offline

  • Evermusic

  • Tubify Player

  • MP3 Offline Player

  • Sound Player

  • Cloud Offline

  • VOX-Mp3

  • Cloud Music Player

  • Meloman

  • TubePlay

  • Free Music

  • Fly Tunes Music

  • Muzaqi

  • Music On Top

  • SongFlip Music

  • DownTube


Watch unlimited Movies using iExtras. Here are some popular Movie apps which is available with iExtras.

  • HDX

  • Fmovies

  • Phim Moi

  • HMD

  • Phim Hay

  • Phim HDOnline

  • Movies Diary


  • Movie Valley X

  • Phim BO

  • Zazu Now

  • Nosey

  • Box Movies

  • Live Player

  • TheOne TV

  • Phim Hay

  • Xem Phim

  • Popcornflix

  • Blaze TV

  • TVCatchup

  • Pluto TV

  • Xumo

  • Sony Crackle

  • TVMucho

iPhone Codes

Use following iPhone Codes to get instant action with your iPhone.

  • *#06#

  • *3001#12345#*

  • *#67#

  • *777#

  • *3282#

  • *3370#

  • *331*

  • *#43#

  • #43#

  • *646#

  • *#76#

  • *#61#

  • *#62#

  • *#5005*7672#

  • *#31#

  • *646# (Postpaid Only)

  • *225# (Post paid only)

  • #31#Phone-Number+call

  • ##002#-> Tap Call

  • *#30#

  • *#100#

  • *#101#

  • **04*

  • *#103#

  • *#105# & *#102#

  • *#104#

  • *#147#

  • *noti# &111

  • *#33#

  • *#21#

Prank apps

Here are the best prank apps to have fun with your friends. Just download one of these prank apps to your iPhone or iPad. iExtras offers following prank apps under three category according to your iPhone models as iPhone 7/8 - 7/8 Plus /for iPhone X /for Other iPhone devices.

  • Siri Plus

  • Touch ID Plus

  • Camera Updater

  • News Plus

  • App Uninstaller

  • Free iTunes

  • Loofamai AWC

  • Free Blast

  • Zombie

  • Blast Eye

  • Angry Tiger

  • Breez

  • Mermaid

  • Numbrix

  • Pop-up Flower

  • Jumping Frogs

  • Sea Waves

  • Tail Fall

  • Fish Tank

  • Light Buble

  • Kid Laugh

Install iExtras for free

You can install iExtras for free. However, this free version consists limited iExtras features only.
If you want to get all the iExtras features, you must donate some amount. It gives lifetime access to enable all the functions of iExtras.

Upgrade iExtras

iExtras offer lifetime service. You need to donate some amount to get lifetime access. That because of some of the 3rd party additional features which are available on iExtras are freemium. It needed to fund its developers to bring these to iExtras app store. That's why they asked for a one-time donation. Once you donate to them, you will receive the email with your iExtras lifetime access download links.

Remove iExtras

You can remove iExtras very easily.

Go to Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management→ iExtras→ Remove Profile → Enter device passcode → Remove.

iExtras Benefits

You can install iExtras with easy installation process. iExtras never ask computer support for the installation.

Also you can remove iExtras anytime you want without any hassle. It never ask restore or firmware update to remove iExtras.

iExtras never removes Apple default restrictions and Apple warranty. Therefore you can install iExtras without any doubt.

iExtras FAQ

Can I install full functional Cydia from iExtras?

You can install a particular version of Cydia which consists of only basic functions from iExtras.

Can I download iExtras for free?

Yes. You can download it for free. Unfortunately, the free version does not allow to access all the iExtras features.

Is iExtras alternative for jailbreak?

Yes. It is an alternative solution. You cannot complete the jailbreak process with iExtras and you can install jailbreak apps using iExtras.

Can I install iExtras from Chrome?

Safari is the default browser for the iOS devices. So, you cannot install it using Google Chrome or any other browser.

Is it available iExtras with Apple App store?

No. You can install it from the iExtras website or any other related sites.

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