iDIY themes

iDIY is popular theme collection platform for iOS users. You can add incredible themes to your iPhone or iPad using iDIY themes. It supports to all latest iOS versions up to iOS 12 including iOS 12.1 beta.

You can download iDIY themes through zJailbreak and Xabsi app stores.

How to install?

Step 01 - First of all you must install zJailbreak or Xabsi from above buttons.

Step 02 - Once you installed zJailbreak or Xabsi, Find iDIY theme store.

Step 03 - Just tap on it to install it.

Step 04 - Then tap on “Install”--->”Allow”---> “Install” --->”Enter device passcode” ---> “Install”--> “Done.

Step 05 - Now you have successfully installed iDIY themes to your iPhone or iPad.

How to add iDIY themes

Step 01 - Launch iDIY themes app from your device.

Step 02 - Choose one of the themes as your wish and click on the selected app.

Step 03 - Then click on “Install”---> “Allow”---> “Install”---> “Enter passcode” ---> “Install”----> “Done”

Step 04 - You can see the iDIY themes have applied to your device.

Why should install iDIY?

  • Semi-tethered Jailbreak is available up to iOS 11.1.2 only. iOS 11.1.2 and higher users still unable to change iOS default theme. So iDIY is the excellent alternative for those users.

  • Cydia Winterboard and Dreamboard themes do not support latest iOS versions. Therefore, iDIY is the only way to the customized default theme on latest iOS devices.

  • iDIY support both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. So you can customized iOS device without removing Apple default restrictions.

  • iDIY have a large number of theme collection, and you cannot get similar kind of experience from anywhere else.

Available Themes

It has an extensive collection of themes. Following themes are the most popular.

Fairy Tail

Lite Express

Stock Qetto

Gold BlackBerry

Blue Water Theme

Blue Metal theme

Android Blawb

Also available below themes.

Metalic Supernova, Yellow Honey, Wood Combination, Skeleton Theme, Sharp Eye theme, Sea waves theme, Red Glossy Theme, Red Awesome, Orkut pore theme.

Mummy theme, Blue Ash, Blue Print, Green Lantern, Galaxy X theme, Metro Silver HD, Metro Blue, iLight HD.

Green Android, Wood Fusion, Anroid Blawb, Black Gcons, Yellow Honeycomb, Windows 8, Blue Velvet, Dreams, Hello Kitty, Crack Mud.

Ancient Gate , Mirror Theme , Magic Wood Man,Magic Cold Man , Love Angel Theme , Funny Devil, Floating grass , Behind the Snow , Blossom Circle , Thug Pets Theme

Red Bubble Theme , Purple Art theme , Metro Theme , Hex star.

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